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Guide for Webhooks

About Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to get programmatical notifications from Tribe about changes to your data as they happen. If you're new to webhooks, read this guide to learn more.

Rather than requiring you to pull information via our API, webhooks will push information to your endpoint. When one of those events is triggered (for example a new post is created), Tribe will send this notification as an HTTP POST request, with a JSON body, to the endpoint(s) you specify.

Adding Webhooks

You can create a new webhook by installing the Webhooks app from Tribe app store and clicking on + Add Webhook button on the Webhook app settings.


Webhooks are called only when the Enabled checkbox is checked under the Webhook app settings.

On the Create Webhook modal you can pick the multiple events. Events define when your endpoint should be called. You can enter your endpoint under URL.

The Token is an optional secret value sent to your endpoint as token. You can validate the value of the token to make sure the request came from Tribe.

Webhook Format

All webhook requests include the following body fields:

  "actor": {
    "_id": "Actor's User ID",
    "email": "Actor's Email",
    "externalId": "Actor's External ID",
    "role": "Actor's Role",
    "profile": {
      "username": "Actor's Username",
      "name": "Actor's name",
      // ... the rest of actor's properties
  "event": "the webhook event", // e.g. post.create
  "createdAt": 1587602719, // Event creation timestamp
  "token": "S3cr3t_T0k3n",
  // ... extra properties based on the event

The actor is the user object of the person who performed the action resulting in the webhook request.

Based on the event that generated the webhook request there will be extra parameters in the request body.

Retry logic

Webhooks retry policy is as follows:

  • In case the original notification sending attempt fails (due to receiving a non-2xx response code or exceeding timeout of 60 seconds), we will try 4 more times: after 5, 25, 125, 625 seconds. If it still fails for each of those attempts, it is counted as one non-successful delivery.
  • If there are no successful deliveries on 3 consecutive days, we will delete this specific webhook.

Updated 10 months ago

Guide for Webhooks

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