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Add Custom CSS or JavaScript

As an Admin, you're able to add custom CSS or JavaScript to your community.

To do so, you should go to Admin Panel > Theme > Advanced Settings.

Under Advanced Settings tab, you can easily add Additional CSS as well as extra HTML to the end of <head /> or <body /> tags.

To add custom JavaScript you can easily add an <script /> tag to <head /> or <body />. Here is an example of how it will look like:

    console.log("Hello World!");

Custom Variables

Under <head /> or <body /> code you have access to the following information of logged in user:

  • Name: {{}}
  • Email: {{}}
  • ID: {{}}
  • External ID (if you're using SSO): {{user.externalId}}

Having access to the above information let you pass user's information to third party scripts or snippets such as analytic tools, chat widgets, etc.

You can always send a default value for these variables using |. For example:

    console.log("Hi {{|There}}");

The above script will log "Hi There" if user is not logged in.

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Add Custom CSS or JavaScript

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